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Do you want to ensure that your health, your family, and your assets are taken care of in the future in the way that you’d like them to be? Consulting with a  Estate Planning Attorney in Tampa Bay can help you plan for transitions and major life events.

Estate planning Tampa, Florida

♦ Are you planning for retirement and want to make sure you are ready for that transition?

♦ Do you have young children you need to protect?

♦ Do you have children from a previous marriage that you need to protect?

♦ Has a loved one passed away and you need to transfer assets?

♦ Do you or a parent need to plan for long term care expenses?

When it comes to preparing your estate, the answers to these questions, plus many more, are very important. Whether you are single or married, a person of modest assets or a multimillionaire, have children or are an empty-nester, expecting your first child or raising a large family, you need professional estate planning provided by an experienced attorney. There are many legal strategies involved in estate planning and the Law Office of Matthew D. Wolf can assist you in developing sound strategies for your estate.

We strive to understand your financial situation today and work to develop a plan for the future. To help us, we work closely with a vast array of professionals to help create a well-rounded estate plan. We believe each family needs a solid group of professionals to protect their assets, goals, wisdom and wealth for each generation.

Additionally, we help our clients prepare for the worst in terms of medical emergencies by putting together a series of documents that will ensure their designated loved ones have the tools to make medical decisions on their behalf, have access to medical records and can be contacted in the event of an emergency.

At the Law Office of Matthew D. Wolf, we are committed to building and maintaining a lifetime relationship with each and every client. We base our representation on integrity, compassion and exceptional service. Whether you are concerned about planning for the future or administering a loved one’s estate or trust, we will take the time to understand your goals and tailor our legal representation to meet your needs.

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